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Chapter 111: Two-timing。

Shen Yuanye didn’t want to talk to Jiang Pan more.

She still didn’t have a good impression of him.

However, the content predicted by Weibo forced her to face Jiang Pan squarely.

It was just being a consultant.

She could also get information from that file herself.

Not to mention, Jiang Pan could find the person who was following her faster.

She had been making public appearances on the Internet for so long and the other party had no reaction at all, as if it was a temporary intention.

But Shen Yuanye always had a feeling that it was a premeditated murder.


Maybe it was because of all the experiences she had before her death.

Anyway, finding that man first was the key, and then everything else would become clear.

Jiang Pan told her before that consultants were able to get the details of cases.

If that was true, then the information she provided, or the information she wanted in the future, could be easily obtained.

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When he applied, he used connections and concealed the clues that Shen Yuanye had given before, otherwise the superiors above would definitely have become suspicious.


Although he was also suspicious.

But everyone had their own secrets.

Whatever it was that Shen Yuanye used to obtain the clues, as long as it was not connected to the murder case, it was not a problem.

“Consider,” which meant that the possibility of her agreeing to become a consultant was much greater.

Liu Heyang had already stood up from the grass.

“Captain, we can’t collect footprints.

We can only try to find clues from the deceased.”

Jiang Pan got up and was about to speak when a bright light suddenly appeared out of the corner of his eye.

He narrowed his eyes, walked over quickly, searched twice in the grass, and found a brand new iPhone.

Jiang Pan didn’t move.

He only ordered, “Pack it.”

The police behind Liu Heyang strode forward and placed the phone inside an evidence bag.

Only then did Jiang Pan turn around, “Leave three people here to watch the area, and the rest head back to the bureau.”

The identity of the deceased was not difficult to find out.

When they returned to the bureau, Ren Lulu had already found out the real identity based on the photos taken at the scene.

Everyone entered the conference room.

She printed out the report and gave it to everyone.


“The deceased’s name is Lu Wanjie, 28 years old this year.

He lived in a community three kilometers away from the park.

He lived with his girlfriend, Jin Yuxuan, and they both worked at Wansheng Technology.”

Ren Lulu showed another report, information about Jin Yuxuan.

Jin Yuxuan and Lu Wanjie had been dating for a year, and they started living together half a year ago.

However, no one in the company knew about their relationship.

Liu Heyang took out the evidence bag.

“This is the phone found at the crime scene.

After verification, it belonged to Lu Wanjie.

The last call record was dialed out, but the other party did not connect.

The second to last call was from Jin Yuxuan.

The conversation time between the two people was fifteen minutes.”

Jin Yuxuan was his girlfriend, so this call was not strange.

On the contrary, the unanswered call was very suspicious, but they had already investigated the owner of that number.

Due to political reasons, the current phone number systems required a real name.

Unless it was bought under special circumstances, or someone else’s ID card was used.

It was also easy to find ID cards on the Internet.


Ren Lulu was the last person to leave the conference room.

Seeing Jiang Pan’s figure in front of her, she couldn’t help but think of the topic she discussed with Shen Yuanye.

As she watched his figure walk away, she silently ignited the candle for him in her heart.

Doomed to a lonely life was an approved matter.


However, she also sometimes found it strange that, with that kind of appearance, height, and family background of her own captain, no matter what, someone would have to come out to pursue him.

There were so many girls now that cared a lot about appearances, and no one was tempted by the captain

Just after Ren Lulu thought about it, there was movement outside.

Li Chen was not in charge of this case, and was discussing the end of another case with people outside when a woman walked in.

The other party was wearing sunglasses.

He gave an “uh” and asked, “Miss, what’s the matter Reporting a case”

The girl took off her sunglasses, revealing a familiar face.

Li Chen recognized her at a glance.

She was related to the murder case in the hardware store last time.

This girl accidentally went shopping and was taken as a hostage by the owner of the hardware store.

She was later rescued by them.

The girl put away her sunglasses, smiled obediently, and then asked, “Excuse me, is your captain here”

Li Chen asked calmly, “Do you have any matters with our captain”

“I haven’t thanked him properly for saving my life last time.” The girl said, looking inward, “Could you please call him.”

She spoke very nicely, and the reasons given were very legitimate and factual, but Li Chen did not dare to act rashly.


What if he brought her in and the captain got on him afterwards Wouldn’t he find fault with him

Ren Lulu stood at the back of the corridor and watched helplessly as Jiang Pan took a step back.

He really took a step back.

She didn’t hear the voice over there, but this action made her curious.

Just as she was about to go out to check the situation, she heard the captain stop her: “Say I’m not here.”

Ren Lulu let out an “ah”, and immediately thought of a reason to tell the girl when she went outside in a minute and nodded.

When she went out, the girl was still talking to Li Chen, but those eyes kept looking inside, not believing his nonsense.

“I’m sorry, the captain is not here today.” Ren Lulu smiled.

The girl was surprised, “I clearly saw him coming back from the park.”

Ren Lulu didn’t expect that she actually saw that scene, and she made an excuse directly: “He had a matter just now, and just left.

It’s our duty to save people.

You don’t have to do this.”

The girl didn’t listen to her very much.

She only heard that he had something to do, and left with a very unhappy face without saying a word.

Ren Lulu pouted.

That was too rude.

Although she was not the captain, after the girl was rescued, she comforted her and sent her to the hospital.

Yet, that was the attitude she gave her.

It was estimated that she didn’t even remember who she was and only remembered the captain.

“Such a peach blossom (TLN: A name for a girl pursuing a boy) is a bit scary.” Li Chen rubbed his arms on the side.

“She’s actually keeping an eye and waiting to come in when he returns to the bureau.”

Only then did Jiang Pan come out of the corridor, “In the future, with this kind of situation, always say that I am not here.”

Ren Lulu blinked, “What if Miss Shen came over to ask about the case”

Jiang Pan turned back, “What do you think”

Ren Lulu said: “Of course it’s different from today’s situation.

Captain, I’m just asking foolishly.

Don’t take it to heart.


Just then, someone from outside was brought in.

“Captain Jiang, this is Lu Wanjie’s father.

He said that his son is missing.

We had just notified the death information, and now he came to claim the body.”

Jiang Pan gave a slight nod and said, “Take Mr.

Lu to the autopsy center.”

The true identity of the corpse was not wrong.

Lu Wanjie’s father had not seen his son for several months.

But when he could see him, he didn’t expect to be separated forever from his son, and he couldn’t help crying there.

On the other side, the mysterious number’s identity was also found.

The technician sent the information of the owner behind the number to Jiang Pan.

“The number is local in Jianghai District.

The person on the ID card is Feng Jun, who is 27 years old this year.”

From Jianghai District, so it is easy to find.

Feng Jun’s personal information was quickly presented.

It was only after Liu Heyang’s investigation that he found out that Feng Jun had recharged a lot of phone credit for another person’s phone number last month, and the owner of this number was Jin Yuxuan.

A love triangle emerges in everyone’s mind.

They had encountered such a situation many times in the bureau, and it was often because of love and hatred that one party did things that they regretted for a lifetime.

Feng Jun was quickly brought into the bureau to assist in the investigation.

Liu Heyang was naturally responsible for interrogating him.

He handed over the photo first, then asked, “What’s your relationship with Jin Yuxuan, the girlfriend of the deceased Lu Wanjie”

Feng Jun was quite handsome, and his clothes seemed to cost a lot.

Hearing Liu Heyang’s question, he showed surprise on his face.

He shook his head and said, “Officer, did you make a mistake Jin Yuxuan is my girlfriend.

How could she be Lu Wanjie’s girlfriend, and who is Lu Wanjie How did he die What How come I can’t understand what you are saying, officer

Standing outside, Jiang Pan frowned slightly when he heard his words.

However, Ren Lulu said, very experienced: “I think Jin Yuxuan should be two-timing.

Feng Jun doesn’t know anything at all, so he doesn’t know who Lu Wanjie is.”

Li Chen said on the side, “Maybe he is faking.”

“That’s possible.” Ren Lulu nodded.

This was only the beginning.

It was possible that Feng Jun lied, but this answer really surprised them, because most people would be angry, and then clear their suspicions.

After Liu Heyang was surprised, he reacted and asked again, “Are you and Jin Yuxuan nominally boyfriend and girlfriend”

Feng Jun frowned, “Of course, we’ve been dating for half a year.”

“Half a year…” Liu Heyang looked at him sympathetically.

“According to our investigation, Jin Yuxuan and Lu Wanjie have been dating for a year, and have been living together for half a year.”

As expected, Feng Jun was furious as soon as he said these words.

What a man hated most was being made to wear a green hat (TLN: Cuckolded).

Feng Jun’s situation was a little different.

Not only did he become a lover of someone that already had a boyfriend without knowing it, but he also wore a green hat and gave others a green hat.

For a while, the atmosphere in the interrogation room was strange.


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