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Chapter 126: Was he really burned alive

The other party’s strokes were also very good.

She was very serious in front of the mirror, stroke by stroke.

If it wasn’t for the color of her hair, it would take Shen Yuanye a while to recognize the person.

Shen Yuanye asked for a cup of coffee, and found a window seat with Lu Yue.

Something went wrong with the process, and Anna decided to restart.

She was going to look for tutorials on the Internet, but as soon as she looked up, she found an Asian beauty sitting at the table opposite her.

Anna walked over and asked in surprise, “You, are you Chinese”


Shen Yuanye looked at her and thought she was a model.

Afraid that the other party would not understand, she switched to English: “Yes, are you a model participating in the fashion show”

In fact, the other party could speak Chinese well, it was just that her tone was a little weird.

However, there were no sentence errors.

Her Chinese was quite good.

After all, Chinese was recognized as the most difficult languages to learn in the world.

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Gddy zkhle kd Ubkdy qsa y qlo xsdvbp obld pbl oyp y nbkze.

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However, she did not expect to encounter a problem in the middle.


Anna mentioned the name of the documentary, and Shen Yuanye happened to have seen it.

But it was when she was in college, and she watched it with Sun Ai.

For this kind of understanding, it was naturally better than a foreigner’s understanding.

After explaining some of the special terms, Anna finally found out what went wrong and thanked her very happily.

She sat back in her original position, and it took a long time for her to finally draw a satisfactory face.

Seeing that the sun was about to fall, Shen Yuanye waved goodbye to her.

With a Peking Opera face, Anna quickly wrote her a series of numbers: “This is my contact information, I hope to see you again, dear.”

Shen Yuanye did not really want to leave her contact information.

After all, it was just someone she met on the road, who knew what her character was like.

Since Anna was taking the initiative, she could only leave her contact information as well.

After returning to the hotel, Liu Li took her and Zhou Lu to dinner.

Then on the way back to the room, the two chatted for a while.

She casually mentioned what happened in the cafe, and Zhou Lu suddenly realized something: “That Anna”

Shen Yuanye was surprised, “Sister Lu knows who she is”

Zhou Lu shook her head, “We are not acquaintances, but I know of her.”


This model was indeed famous.

Although she was not considered the top in foreign countries, the number of fans she had was quite large.

Anna has participated in many shows.

She belonged to the category of native intelligence.

“It’s not bad that you met her.” Zhou Lu continued casually: “She likes China, and she is registered on Weibo and often interacts with netizens in Chinese.”

Shen Yuanye has never followed in this matter.

Last time, a supermodel also registered on Weibo, but the other party’s popularity was very large, so it became a hot search.

Their first Weibo comment exceeded the popular traffic.

Zhou Lu listed a few more models who were more active on Weibo.

After returning to her room, Shen Yuanye conducted a casual search and found Anna’s Weibo.

She had thousands of Weibo posts, and the latest one was posted yesterday.

It was about the Peking Opera and documentaries, and that she would post her finished product in two days.

Shen Yuanye refreshed the page and saw the newly updated post.

In the video posted by Anna, the background was the cafe she left before.

She introduced herself with a Peking Opera face in Chinese and mentioned her.

She recalled: “…What a nice, nice person, a beautiful Chinese model…but I don’t know her, her name…”

The comments were complimenting her for her well done face painting.


For someone who studied domestic knowledge so seriously, Shen Yuanye really felt that she couldn’t match Anna’s enthusiasm.


The spring and summer fashion week had not yet started, and domestic reporters had already gone abroad to begin their process of shooting.

The street shots of the models were sent back to China, and they soon became hot searches.

Naturally, Shen Yuanye, who was traveling with Zhou Lu, was also put in together.

“Is this the cute sister from last time”

“She jumped directly to Fashion Week.

Is there really not any problems If there is a problem on the show, the country’s face will be lost then.”

“I always feel like she’s not that good…”

“Anyway, I hope you cute sisters can do your best!”

There were various types of comments.

Generally speaking, the positive ones were in the majority.

Shen Yuanye occasionally read through a few, but most of the time, she ignored them directly.

No matter what they said, she would be the one who took the stage in the end, and there was no need to get angry or argue.

She put down her phone, suddenly looked at Lu Yue sitting on a chair, and pretended to ask casually, “Lu Yue, you really don’t use Weibo”

Lu Yue turned around, “Yes.”


“There are really very few young people who don’t use Weibo these days.” Shen Yuanye sighed and found that Lu Yue still hadn’t changed her expression.

It would be great if Lu Yue had Weibo, but unfortunately Lu Yue did not use it.

Because the clothes were still being resized, the models were just practicing and getting familiar with the venues of the catwalk these days.

The rest of their time was relatively free.

The “Fei Shang”, which Su Yun was in charge of, also sent a female reporter over, and was planning to conduct a street interview with her.

Before the reporter came, she was entangled in what to interview to achieve the best results.

She was assigned because her English was better than others, she could interview other foreign models, and maybe even meet some celebrities.

Shen Yuanye had filmed the cover of “Fei Shang” before, and the interview had no problem.

The problem was how to attract others’ attention.

On the day of the interview, the reporter chose a beautiful and bustling street and asked Shen Yuanye on camera: “Fashion week hasn’t started yet, what are you busy with recently”

Shen Yuanye walked a few steps and replied, “I am getting familiar with the venue, and I will rehearse in a few days.”

The reporter narrowed the distance with her, asked a few common questions, and finally turned to the current domestic Weibo, “Recently, in China, there are many mentions of a fashion show, and some are a little worried about your first international show.

Is there anything you want to say”

The two of them walked on the street together, like they were chatting.

Shen Yuanye merely replied with one sentence: “Everything will be determined that day.”

No matter how much she talked about it now, people who didn’t like her would still dislike her.

If she said she had confidence in herself, others would even say that she was arrogant.

It was better to just be herself.

When the fashion week started, all the results would come out.

After the interview, the two had a meal together, and then Shen Yuanye returned to the hotel with Lu Yue with something in heart.

Today was the afternoon of the 19th, but it was already the 20th in China.

At night, Shen Yuanye was restless and couldn’t fall asleep.

She was waiting for a message from Jiang Pan.

When it was already daytime in Beijing, it was still night here, so she almost stayed up all night, waiting for news.

It was only until the next day, there was finally news on WeChat.

Perhaps knowing what Shen Yuanye wanted to see the most, Jiang Pan posted a photo of Lu Long and the man he apprehended at the crime scene.

It was the location shown in Lu Long’s death video.

Both were still alive, captured alive.

Shen Yuanye’s tense heart was instantly put back in place.

Now, she just had to wait for Jiang Pan to get some useful responses from the two people.

It was just that the process would probably be long.

After all, the other party was planning to make a move, and it was impossible for them to so easily spit out an answer.

Liu Heyang searched the man’s clothing, took out a lighter, and handed it to Jiang Pan: “I found a lighter.”

Soon, the police inside the building also came out with a bucket of fluid, “It’s gasoline.”

Liu Heyang touched the lighter to Lu Long’s face and said with a smile, “Lighter and gasoline are a perfect match.

Lu Long, you almost lost your life.”

They let Lu Long out this morning and kept observing him.

Lu Long’s day-to-day life was very normal, unbelievably ordinary, and they almost believed nothing would happen.

But because of Jiang Pan’s instructions and their professional ethics, they kept watching.

It wasn’t until night that Lu Long received a call.

They had put a bug and a GPS on him, and Lu Long didn’t know that his conversation and location were always in the hands of the police.

Lu Long was talking to a man.

The content of the topic was obviously about Shen Yuanye.

It was just that what the two of them said was not very clear, and the only information they got was information they already had.

They didn’t hear any new information after listening for a long time.

After half an hour, Lu Long went out.

They followed him to this place, which was deserted.

Perhaps Lu Long was careless when he entered, but the door was not closed.

Shortly after the lights came on, they heard the sound of fighting inside, and rushed in to stop the two.

There were already wounds on Lu Long’s body.

It was a man in a suit who did it, and when he saw the police, he was stunned.

After he reacted, he realized that it was Lu Long who accidentally leaked his whereabouts.

When Lu Long was rescued, he was very relieved.

If they were a step too late, he might already be dead.

When the police found the lighter, Lu Long didn’t think anything about it.

But when they came out with the bucket of oil, his back soon became covered with cold sweat.

In the interrogation room, the girl’s words jumped into his mind instantly.

‘He would be burned alive.’

Lighters and gasoline were the best for burning people.

Even though Lu Long was a man, he still shuddered a little.

He had watched a lot of news and movies about being burned alive, all of which were cruel and terrible.

Jiang Pan glanced at the two of them, took a photo with a click, and put away the phone when he received a reply, “Take them away.”

Liu Heyang guessed his action and subtly smiled.

Because of his injuries, Lu Long was taken to the hospital by an ambulance later, while the man in the suit was taken directly to the police station for interrogation.


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