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Chapter 25: Stay home and don’t go out.

The photos on Weibo have disappeared, but Shen Yuanye has just come back to her senses.

She had already known about Wang Huiwen being attacked before, but no matter how the pervert attacked, it shouldn’t be against the same person.

And yet, this is the result of the prediction. 

Shen Yuanye’s heartbeat started racing.

“There seem to be no other clues in the photo,” she muttered.

When she thought about it, she found that all her attention had been focused on Wang Huiwen’s corpse and nothing else.


Shen Yuanye scratched her head.

Why is it so troublesome every time; following and then unfollowing.

Is there not an easier way If she suddenly became popular, wouldn’t that be caught by the marketing account

And by then, she wouldn’t be able to randomly follow people in case something happened to the person she was following.

If they happened to have an accident every time, she would be given a title similar to “crow’s mouth”.

(TLN: Crow’s mouth refers to people that say bad things and it ends up happening.)

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It was almost a minute before she finally found out what the difference was.

See, the little difference in the background-color—


A corner of his clothes had been exposed.

The murderer was about to leave, although she was unsure of whether he was facing back or facing front, and the hem of his clothes floated up.

It appeared in the Weibo picture in the upper right corner.

In the darkness, she could vaguely see that the color of the corners of the clothes was light tan or brown.

After the photo disappeared, Shen Yuanye was, of course, unable to see it anymore.

She could only unfollow and follow again.

She stared at the corner once again, and her final answer was brown.

She still had a certain discernability in distinguishing between colors.

This color should be brown, even if the surrounding background color is relatively dark.

The murderer only wore such clothing on the day of the murder.

If there is an eyewitness or an acquaintance of the deceased, they will definitely be able to be found directly.

Thinking of this, Shen Yuanye finally relaxed a little.

The date of death is February 28, which is at the end of the month.

It seems that she had to find time to remind Wang Huiwen so that she could avoid it, like Su Yun.

It was a pity that she didn’t have any contact information for Wang Huiwen, so she could only go to the company tomorrow to see if she could meet her.

Originally, Liu Li had told her that it was not safe outside recently and asked her to stay in the apartment as much as possible.

Who knew that this would happen tonight

Shen Yuanye rubbed her forehead, ready to go to bed.

When she laid down, she thought about it, and unblacklisted Jiang Pan.



Early the next morning, the criminal investigation team went into the case.

“Hu Shuang’s boyfriend has basically nothing to do with this matter.

That is basically certain.

What he said corresponds with the surveillance.

Ren Lulu said, “They have been in love for two years.

Even if they had a quarrel and wanted to break up, they would not have a relationship under such circumstances.

Furthermore, I asked her boyfriend’s colleagues, and they all said they were not such people.

Hu Shuang’s colleague said that the two of them had a good relationship before, and they just quarreled over a trivial matter two days ago.”

Hu Shuang often needs to work overtime at work.

It is common for her to stay until 11 o’clock at night.

In the past, her boyfriend picked her up at night, but this time he didn’t come because of a quarrel.

And her death happened to come after she left work.

Her boyfriend worked for another material company.

On the day of Hu Shuang’s accident, he had gone to dinner with his colleagues in the company.

Naturally, he hadn’t known this happened.

When they went to ask, he was quite shocked, and it didn’t seem like he was pretending.

The alibi was sufficient, and the surveillance at the store also proved that her boyfriend’s suspicion was the first thing that should be cleared.

“The murderer chose to wear a condom.

I think this is more suspicious.

” Ren Lulu indicated while continuing to point out another issue.

“They were prepared.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that current rapists don’t carry condoms with them now.

This made them unable to extract the murderer’s body fluids, and it was naturally more difficult to determine the identity.

Originally, Wang Huiwen’s case did not come to the criminal investigation side, but after Hu Shuang’s incident, they became a little suspicious of the case and took over.


There were many similarities between the two cases.

They both happened late at night, almost between eleven o’clock and twelve o’clock.

The locations of the incidents were both on the edge of the city where the demolition was to be done.

The only way they differed was in the alleys chosen.

Ren Lulu closed the folder and looked at the other end of the table: “Was it impulsive or long-planned This still needs to be investigated.

We only have a few clues from Hu Shuang and Wang Huiwen.

Jiang Pan stopped, “It’s not on impulse.”

Liu Heyang also followed up: “I actually agree with Captain Jiang.

I don’t think the crime happened on impulse because the two cases are similar.

As far as I know, Wang Huiwen went home that way by accident that day, but Hu Shuang is different.

Hu Shuang happened to pass by there every night because of overtime work.

Since the murderer killed her, he should know this pattern.

When he said this, he suddenly thought of something.

Liu Heyang stood up and looked at Jiang Pan.

“Captain Jiang, Wang Huiwen has been fine so far, so does it mean that the murderer’s target was originally Hu Shuang, but Wang Huiwen happened to pass by and he might have mistaken her”

Wang Huiwen was attacked at about the same time that Hu Shuang died.

Jiang Pan glanced at Liu Heyang appreciatively, “Your assumption is okay, but the premise is that the two cases were done by the same person.”

He looked down at the file and said in a deep voice, “In these two cases, Ren Lulu is in charge of Wang Huiwen, and Liu Heyang and Li Chen are in charge of Hu Shuang.

If you guys have any clues, report them to me.

“Yes!” they replied in unison.

“Let’s start the investigation from the aspect of social relationships first, and then check it again.” Jiang Pan lifted his chin and said, “If you have a suspicion, observe first.

Don’t be impulsive.”


The reason Hu Shuang was killed after being violated was probably because she saw the appearance of the murderer.

But Wang Huiwen escaped and is still intact now.

Who knew if the murderer retreated or changed his mind

Ren Lulu glanced at her phone, “Wang Huiwen went to the company today.”

Jiang Pan nodded.


Hua Yi didn’t seem to be affected at all.

The celebrities who came and went had exquisite makeup and beautiful clothes.

When they entered through the doors, they saw reporters blocked outside.

Fortunately, they were wearing plain clothes; otherwise, they would have been stopped for an interview.

Ren Lulu whispered, “Captain Jiang, Wang Huiwen doesn’t seem to have any answers.

She didn’t see the other person, and she doesn’t want to recall that incident.

Jiang Pan looked away from the flowerbed on one side and said, “She has something to hide.”

“Hiding What is she hiding” Ren Lulu was surprised.

When she asked again, Jiang Pan didn’t answer.

He stepped directly into the company, and she hurriedly followed.

Shen Yuanye called Su Ying early in the morning.

After the last class that day, Su Ying had given her a contact number.

She didn’t refuse it, but this time it really came in handy.

“Su Ying, is Wang Huiwen here today”

“Yes, she has arrived.

What’s wrong What’s the matter I’ll find her.

“It’s okay, I’ll go to the company later.”

Fortunately, Su Ying was not overly curious, so she stopped asking.

Shen Yuanye was nervous but excited, and when she thought of preventing another person from dying, her blood flowed backward.

She still remembers Su Yun’s horrifying surprise last time.

She patted her face, fearing that Lu Yue would control her actions, so she directly took a taxi to the company.

There were not many people in the company in the morning, and most of them were employees.

Shen Yuanye went straight to the place where the trainees were staying and knocked on the door.

Someone inside responded.

A group of young boys and girls looked at her with strange expressions.

After all, they had only attended a few classes together and didn’t even know each other.

Shen Yuanye looked around and saw Wang Huiwen.

Her eyes brightened slightly, “Huiwen, I have something to talk to you about.”

Wang Huiwen looked up from the corner and walked out suspiciously.

After closing the door, she asked curiously, “What’s the matter”

Shen Yuanye glanced around, “Are you free on the 28th”

Wang Huiwen thought about it for a while and then replied, “I’m probably coming to the company on the 28th, and I don’t have any other plans except for class.

What’s the matter “

Shen Yuanye, having already prepared her excuse, replied, “Inviting you to hang out.”

As long as she didn’t go to the alley that day, it was impossible for her to have an accident.

Wang Huiwen widened her eyes when she heard this.

She and Shen Yuanye were not familiar; that is, they had met several times and she had been rescued once, but they were not good enough friends to hang out together.

“Go out to hang out…” She thought for a while, and decided to ask: “Sister Yuanye, do you have anything you want to tell me Just say it.

Shen Yuanye didn’t expect her to be so sensitive.

“Let’s find a place where no one is around.

The company is not a good place.

Are you free Would you like coffee “

Wang Huiwen blushed, embarrassed, and said, “I have a class soon, so I can’t leave the company.”

Shen Yuanye was also a little regretful.

She pointed said, “Go to the stairwell; there is no one over there.

This matter is very important and it is related to your life.

Wang Huiwen was also curious about what she had to say and nodded, “Okay.”

No one really used the company’s stairs, so the two people stopped on the platform and did not move.

The surroundings were quiet; only the sound of breathing could be heard in their ears.

Shen Yuanye looked at the petite Wang Huiwen in front of her and lowered her voice: “If you believe me, stay home on the 28th and don’t go out.”

“Why” Wang Huiwen asked curiously.

Shen Yuanye let down her voice: “Because of what happened to you last week.”

She didn’t say the rest of the sentence, but the meaning was self-evident, and the person concerned could definitely hear it clearly.

“What” Wang Huiwen almost thought that she had heard it wrong, and her face turned pale.

This was the last thing she wanted to let people know, but it had already been known.

She had been assaulted and molested.

If it was spread around, she would basically be ruined for a lifetime.

If it was taken as black history after her debut, she would definitely be abandoned by the company.

“How did you know…”

Before Wang Huiwen had finished speaking, a voice suddenly came from the stairs.

The two looked at each other, and their hearts skipped a beat.

They both turned their heads and looked straight at the stairs.

Shen Yuanye was taken aback when she saw the dazzling face in her line of sight and remembered her actions of removing that person from her blacklist.

Jiang Pan looked back and forth at the two people standing together.

Then he raised his eyebrows, “Miss Shen”


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