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Chapter 56: The Power of Stepping On Dog Poop.

On the last day, Shen Yuanye saw in the information that Liu Yue’s grandma was arrested.

Since she was arrested, it meant that the result had been set, and the police had found out that it was her who committed the crime.

Although she didn’t know why, Shen Yuanye hated this old woman she had never met.

What kind of hatred could one have in them to be so cruel to one’s own granddaughter It couldn’t be said to be the ordinary matter of preferring a boy compared to a girl, could it

“You should know this yourself.” She reminded.

Liu Xuyang recovered from the shock and said nothing swiftly, “Is it true that you said… It really is… “

Shen Yuanye didn’t say much.

Lin Siyu kept listening to Liu Xuyang’s words, and when she saw his sudden change of face, she had a complete somersault in her heart, not knowing what had happened.

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Would it be her

Would a grandma act on her own granddaughter

Lin Siyu couldn’t imagine how this incident could be like this.

If it was so, then it was no wonder that she didn’t know why Yueyue was harmed.

Liu Xuyang asked, “You have been by Yueyue’s side recently.

Is it true that only Mom has been in contact with her Is there anyone else “

Lin Siyu recalled the events of the past few days and shook her head: “It is true that only mom-in-law came from home, and there are only a few familiar servants.

I also resigned the nurse.

The servants have been in the house for more than ten years.

Liu Xuyang couldn’t help asking: “But mom is in her sixties.

Why would she know how to change the surveillance camera She doesn’t understand this aspect “

Shen Yuanye didn’t call out a name, so he didn’t know if it was his mother.

However, how did a 60-year-old woman have such plans when she could not connect to the Internet normally Plus, the monitoring at home was broken.

This seemed abnormal.

Liu Xuyang took a deep breath, wondering what else he could do in the future if it was really his mother.

The matter was really hard to accept.

“Xuyang, go and ask mom carefully.”

Lin Siyu said, “I can’t believe it, but I don’t want to let whoever harmed Yueyue go.

She is my daughter.

If your mother did it, I won’t let it go.”

The worst consequence was divorce.

She and Liu Xuyang’s spousal love had lasted more than 20 years, and the thought of divorce made her heart hurt, but these were nothing compared to her daughter’s life.

Liu Xuyang looked at her, and finally nodded heavily after a long time, “Okay.”

He also wanted to know the truth.

The doctor said that Liu Yue had taken a new type of medicine.

A small amount was not harmful to the body, but if it was too much, it would directly kill anyone, let alone a baby.

Fortunately, Liu Yue was a baby, and the consequences appeared earlier.

Lin Siyu also sent her to the hospital early; otherwise, it would have be over if she was any later.


Yunqi Studio was a well-known paparazzi company in the entertainment industry.

In fact, it was.

Their studio was divided into several groups, with each group having five people.

Each group of five was also divided into smaller groups, and the responsibility they had was different every day.

But the only thing they had in common was that they had to hand in at least one thing every week.

Qian Rong and Sun Xuan were part of one of the teams.

They were in charge of guarding a less well-known company, and they had just arrived at this studio for a month.

They were not the ones who guarded the big stars; they could only guard small things.

After all, a big piece of news meant that you could find the other party and ask for money privately.

The lowest was about hundreds of thousands, and the highest was in the tens of millions.

The Commission’s size can even be increased to the tens of thousands.

It was a pity that they didn’t have enough qualifications now.

There were not many people in this company, and there was another group that was also guarding.

They didn’t see many big stars, but they did see many celebrities on the Internet.

Which netizens nowadays don’t like to see Internet celebrity faces

Fortunately, they saw a happier male model today, and they were able to make it funny, so it could finally be handed in as a task.

As paparazzi, they naturally understood editing and production with some tools.

Qian Rong imported the photos into the computer and said, “I will send the photos to you.

You are responsible for the video, and I am responsible for the animation.

Remember that the music and editing must be done.

Sun Xuan immediately replied, “Don’t worry, my videos have always done well…”

The two were quickly engaged in work.

However, in the afternoon, when the effect of the division of labor was revealed, the work of both parties was perfectly successful.

Qian Rong couldn’t help but burst into laughter when he saw it.

“Okay, go find Pan Chenhe.”

For such a dark history to be hidden, it depended on whether he was willing to pay for it or not.

Sun Xuan had good conversation skills, so he was naturally responsible for this aspect and directly found the contact information of his agent on Weibo.

The agent frowned when he saw the news.

He called Pan Chenhe, “Chenhe, have you had any news lately”

Pan Chenhe replied without thinking, “What news can I make.”

The agent replied: “People from Yunqi Studio came up and said that they have something for you and want to ask if you want to pay for it.”

“There is mine” Pan Chenhe sat up straight and said, “Look at what it is first.”

The agent conveyed his intentions and soon received a GIF.

His face suddenly froze.

Pan Chenhe saw that he hadn’t responded to him for a long time and asked, “What does the other party have”

The agent sent the animated picture and couldn’t help asking: “Chenhe, how did you step on the poop… and were photographed by the paparazzi”

It was already taken, but this expression was magical…

Pan Chenhe knew something was wrong when he heard it, and his face was blue and white.

After seeing the animated picture, he directly cursed, “F*ck it!”

This, of course, required him to pay for it!

He quickly said, “Ask them how much money they want.”

After half a minute, the agent replied, “The other party asked for one million.”

“One million! Why don’t they go steal money!” Pan Chenhe yelled, “How much money did I make in total”

Would he still have the same fame as it is now if he had received endorsements that paid millions

Moreover, the one behind him was unwilling to spend a million on a GIF, and he himself couldn’t spend that much money to buy a GIF.

The agent thought for a while, “This is not big news either.

I don’t think many people are paying attention to it, and there is no need to spend a million to buy it.”

Pan Chenhe naturally agreed with this statement.

“If it gets popular, doesn’t it save us marketing” The agent added: “Now, no matter how popular some people get, the characters in dramas will come like snowflakes.”

Pan Chenhe felt that what he said made sense and said, “Then it doesn’t matter.”

Here, Sun Xuan naturally received the rejection message from the other party.

Qian Rong thought for a while, “Since he doesn’t want to pay for it, let’s post it.

Let’s fix the draft first.

It is our first task this time.

It should be better.

“Mhm, I know that.” Sun Xuan said, “Let’s post in separate sections.

The first post should be him stepping on the dog poop, and if there’s popularity, we can post the second one.


The two were busy until late at night.

Night was a paradise for night owls.

At this time, there would be fewer people searching for the most searched topics on Weibo.

They had seen it during the day, so those people would search for other things.

After Qian Rong sorted it out, he sent out the animated pictures of Pan Chenhe stepping on dog feces.

Sun Xuan made a video, which was made into a ghost type, and it was accompanied by one of the popular neurotic songs today.

After sending it out, they opened a small account to carry it out.

Quietly, #The Power of Stepping On Dog Poop# got popular overnight.

Popular meant more opportunities to be seen.

From the last one to the first one, and then to the last one in the most searched topics on Weibo, the gap was quite large.

However, this tasteful title still attracted a lot of people.

Many night owls refreshed their Weibo, and they became interested when they saw this title, and when they clicked in, they saw the animation in a magical and weird style.

It was not difficult to make animations, from stepping on dog poop to the changes in facial expressions afterward.

His face froze at first, then became ugly.

After lowering his head, the whole person was in disbelief.

The expressions on the still handsome face were brilliant, like an overturned palette.

In the middle of the night, it made everyone laugh.

“Wow, I laughed so hard, hahahaha, my expression changed so fast!”

“It will be a hundred times better for this person to be an actor instead of those small fresh meat actors that like to edit their photos.

I strongly recommend this person to enter the entertainment industry!”

“Look at what it says.

He is a model.

He has dog poop luck.

It’s also a good thing.


“Hahahaha, it turns out that people can change their expressions so fast, which dog pooped on the ground in public!!”

“The first like at the beginning of the year, I give this lucky boy, I wish him dog luck this year.

If the other party sees it, you don’t have to thank me.”

In fact, this kind of news was very simple, but it became popular because life was too boring at normal times, and it just relaxed the mood.

And the following video was more intuitive; that action had been repeatedly played out, just like Sadako Dei, who was popular, repeated several times back and forth, and the originally horrible plot became funny.

This was the same.

In a few hours, #The Power of Stepping On Dog Poop# was at the tail of the most searched topics.

Pan Chenhe didn’t worry about the incident at all.

He was already asleep, and how would he know such a reversal would happen

Qian Rong and Sun Xuan were also very pleased with this result.

 This meant that the second bullet they had prepared could be sent out tomorrow while the iron was hot, which was the animation and video of Pan Chen rubbing his shoes on the ground.

He had the power to step on dog poop, and it was normal for him to become popular.


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