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Chapter 98: Did Miss Shen really become a police consultant

“I took the doll under the pretext of going downstairs and destroyed the nearby surveillance, so as to facilitate subsequent actions.” Chen Zhen said, with his emotions controlled.

Shen Yuanye frowned.

He had the intention of killing and had even prepared the tools.

However, now that the attempted crime had not been successful, and he didn’t admit it, no one could prove that Chen Zhen wanted to kill Qiu Ling.

Even Qiu Ling herself couldn’t prove it.

If Chen Zhen had a knife on his body, she might have been able to bring it up.

But he planned on using a wet tissue, and he could fool the police if the police asked him.


Chen Zhen naturally knew this.

Therefore, he did not hide his intentions at the beginning.

He made an appearance of admitting his mistake, but did not show his intention to kill at all.

Shen Yuanye saw it in his eyes, but there was nothing she could do.

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It was already early morning when they came out of the police station.


For Qian Yun and Chen Zhen, who were detained inside, Qiu Ling had no sympathy at all and only felt that the punishment was too low.

She always felt that Chen Zhen still had something to say.

She was very agitated at the sound she heard in the kitchen at that time.

Did Chen Zhen really only want to just cook rice(TLN: To cook rice means doing the “deed”)

Or did he have other ideas

But these were unknown, and normal people would not admit it.

Shen Yuanye was next to Qiu Ling.

Her voice sounded very dazed: “I really didn’t know that they were going to attack me for this reason.

I never fell in love with Lu Jian…”

She felt completely innocent.

Qiu Ling continued: “When Qian Yun asked me, I didn’t know how to answer it, because Lu Jian confessed to me some time ago.

If I told her, our relationship might collapse.”

She had seen many best friends who had separated for men, not to mention that her relationship with Qian Yun had not reached the level of her best friend.

But she didn’t expect that it was this concealment that made Qian Yun misunderstand.

“Qian Yun actually wanted Chen Zhen to r*pe me.

What’s wrong with her When she needed something, I never refused anything before.” Qiu Ling cried as she spoke, “But they still did this to me!”

She didn’t like Chen Zhen and had refused him a long time ago.


This was something they all knew publicly.

Qian Yun had been friends with her for so many years, and they wanted to destroy her because they suspected that she was in a relationship with Lu Jian.

Shen Yuanye handed her a tissue, “It’s good to recognize it.”

Qiu Ling sniffed, “Yuanye, I want to thank you again this time.

How come you are so powerful, you even know this… By the way, how did you know”

Shen Yuanye said, “I can tell fortunes.”

Qiu Ling was stunned for a while when she heard these words.

Her tears were still dripping on her face, and then she came back to her senses, “Fortune-telling Like the masters on TV”

Shen Yuanye said speechlessly: “…Almost.

You can understand it like that.”

Qiu Ling nodded, “No wonder you are so powerful.”

She didn’t have any doubts at all.

If Yuanye hadn’t called her tonight, she’d probably be ruined by now.

Qiu Ling looked at the time and said, “It’s late now, Yuanye.

You should go back first.

It wasted so much of your time tonight.”

Shen Yuanye asked, “What are you going to do tonight”

“Go to the hotel and open a room.” Qiu Ling pinched her nose and patted her face, “Don’t worry, Yuanye, I will definitely cheer up!”

Shen Yuanye quite liked Qiu Ling’s personality.


She didn’t feel depressed when she encountered such a thing.

The optimistic mentality was indeed something she never had.

“You still have to pay attention to safety, Chen Zhen.

He…” Shen Yuanye suddenly changed the subject in the middle of her words, “I’ll head back first.”

Qiu Ling nodded fiercely.

Lu Yue parked the car outside the police station before, and Shen Yuanye went straight to her.

She waved to Qiu Ling and left the place.


The Jianghai District Criminal Investigation Detachment.

Liu Heyang pushed in from the door outside, holding a form, and hurriedly entered the office.

“Captain, the application was approved.”

Ren Lulu abruptly stood up, “They actually agreed”

Li Chen whispered, “You also have to look at who applied.”

Although the background of Jiang Pan had not been disclosed, they all knew that it was not that simple.

Also, the application wasn’t that troublesome, but they really didn’t expect it to be so quick.

It was submitted at the end of July, and it came at the beginning of August.

“Actually, I think this consultant is quite useful.” Liu Heyang scratched his head, “Didn’t Miss Shen give a lot of clues before Maybe she has real skills.”


Unlike criminal investigation consultants, regular consultants have fewer constraints and less power.

However, the effect still existed.

Multiple people were still talking, and the application form in Liu Heyang’s hand was directly taken away.

Jiang Pan held the form with his fingers and read it from the beginning to the end.

The last page had the official stamp on it, and he was sure that his application was approved.

Liu Heyang took the opportunity to ask, “Captain, has Miss Shen really become a consultant”

Jiang Pan glanced at him, “Do your job.”

He turned to leave, and his figure soon disappeared from the office.

As soon as he left, Ren Lulu couldn’t help but say: “Miss Shen’s information is written on it.

Her name is Shen Yuanye.

I remember the name.

There are only a few people with this same name in the whole country.”

It couldn’t be that their captain invited a different Shen Yuanye.

How was that possible It must be the same Miss Shen who gave them clues from before, but Ren Lulu couldn’t figure out why the captain wanted to use her as a consultant.

“I’m just asking.” Liu Heyang said with a smile: “I’m going to work with a beautiful lady soon.

A waterfront pavilion gets the moonlight first (TLN: This Chinese saying means to enjoy the benefits of a favorable position)!”

“You think so beautifully.”

“Stop dreaming.”

Two laughs sounded at the same time, scolding Liu Heyang directly.

After Qiu Ling’s incident, Shen Yuanye’s life seemed to suddenly quiet down.

Two days ago, in August, she participated in another small fashion show.

This time, she had gained more experience and was more comfortable with such a stage.

She was going to New York in half a month, and Shen Yuanye was looking forward to it.

So during this time, she went to the company very diligently and learned from Zhou Lu some basic knowledge and skills necessary for professional models.

The only downside was that a section of the road from the company to the apartment suddenly needed to be repaired.

So it was necessary to take another road, which made the route longer.

A few minutes longer was fine.

It was almost ten o’clock when she got home due to Zhou Lu’s longer evening lesson, an incident in the company where an artist got poached, and a long conversation with Liu Li.

The sidewalk was basically empty of people, and it was probably because of the hot summer nights that they didn’t want to go out.

Just halfway there, the car suddenly stopped.

Shen Yuanye was thinking about what happened today and was dragged forward by the inertia of the brakes.

Her heart skipped a beat, and she asked, “What’s wrong”

Lu Yue turned off the car and said in a flat tone, “The manhole cover ahead is crooked.”

If they went around it, with the small road, they would scratch against the middle fence.

It would hurt the car, which was not cost-effective.

Lu Yue was not the owner of the car, so naturally, she would not take such a risk.

Shen Yuanye pressed down the car window, stuck out her head, and looked forward.

It was only then that she realized what Lu Yue said was simple, but in fact, more than half of the manhole covers were open.

There had also been news about people stealing manhole covers on Weibo, and because of this, a regional blackout appeared.

She had paid attention to it every time there was a quarrel.

But this manhole cover was not stolen.

Lu Yue raised her eyes, “Miss Shen, wait a minute.

I’ll go down and have a look.”

With that, she got out of the car.

Seeing this, Shen Yuanye also got out of the car.

Although Lu Yue is very powerful, she may not be able to install the manhole cover alone.

After all, those things were usually very heavy.

“Can you do it alone”

Before she could get there, Lu Yue moved the manhole cover a little distance and sent it into the gap, but stopped halfway.

Shen Yuanye asked, “What’s wrong”

She nudged the manhole cover with her foot, and it was quite heavy.

Lu Yue was really unusual.

Lu Yue said lightly, “There is someone inside.”

Shen Yuanye was startled and looked inward.

It was dark; only the street lights were shining down, but she didn’t see anyone.

Lu Yue pointed, “There.”

Shen Yuanye looked at where she pointed, and her eyes narrowed slightly.

She managed to see a faint outline, but she couldn’t tell that it was a person if she didn’t look carefully.

She frowned and shouted, “Person below, are you okay”

Lu Yue reminded: “They should be dead already.”

Shen Yuanye was so frightened that she almost choked on her words.

She couldn’t help but take a step back, and the quiet environment around her suddenly became gloomy and cold.

Lu Yue turned on the flashlight function of her mobile phone and took a picture of it straight away.

In this way, it was much clearer, and the scene in the corner was exposed.

A section of a leg was soaked in the dirty water, and it had become white and swollen.

It was disgusting.

Shen Yuanye closed her eyes and then opened them only after she recovered, thinking of calling the police.

She took her phone and called Jiang Pan, “… Officer Jiang, there seems to be a corpse in the sewers at No.

45 Sanchun East Road.”

After hanging up the phone, Shen Yuanye’s previous enthusiasm was cooled by the night wind.

In the middle of the night, a body was found in the sewer…

Unexpectedly, the police car came quickly, almost five minutes later.

After a group of police got out of the car, they quickly surrounded the area.

People came and went, and Shen Yuanye’s fear was relieved a little.

Jiang Pan just nodded at her and squatted down at the entrance of the sewer.

Liu Heyang followed behind, leaned over to Shen Yuanye, and whispered, “I will call you Consultant Shen in the future.

I look forward to our cooperation in the future, haha.”


Shen Yuanye repeated this word, but her mind didn’t react for a while.


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