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Luo Qingyans expression changed when she saw Gu Qingchen and Rong Yu.

Although she already knew that Gu Qingchen and Rong Yu were married, their brazen appearance at such an occasion was a slap in her face.

She thought that these people would deliberately avoid talking about this because of the Luo familys status in city y, but she did not expect that someone would really ask her such a question in front of her.

Luo Qingyan was such a smart person.

How could she not know that these socialites were just mocking her.

The reason was very simple.

Usually, Luo Qingyan was a little aloof.

Although everyone was usually nice to her, there were a few socialites who were really good friends with her.

Everyone seemed to be okay on the surface.

In reality, many people in private did not like Luo Qingyans pretense of being aloof and magnanimous.

Usually, they would support her and chat, but today was such a good opportunity to slap their faces.

How could they miss it

Who asked the Luo family to spread rumors that Luo Qingyan would become the mistress of the Rong Group and the daughter-in-law of the Rong family.

Everyone in the circle knew about the strength of the Rong Group.

If it was purely based on strength, the Rong family was definitely a diamond-ranked wealthy family.

To be able to marry into the Rong family was definitely a supreme honor and the right to show off.

Previously, many people had heard that Luo Qingyan would marry into the Rong family and were extremely envious.

At the same time, they were also extremely jealous.

Now, they suddenly realized that the rumors from before were all rumors.

Naturally, they looked down on Luo Qingyan.

What was Luo Qingyans personality

All along, she had always been an aloof and proud person.

Although she appeared to be very open-minded and sensible, the things in her bones would not change.

Otherwise, she would not have spread those rumors without the slightest bit of confidence.

She thought that she had a better chance of becoming the mistress of the Rong group than others, and with the help of her aunt, there would definitely be no problem.

However, she never expected that Rong Yu would suddenly marry a woman.

This woman was actually Gu Qingchen, who had a grudge with them!

This made Luo Qingyan very angry.

No matter how well-mannered, Noble, and pretentious she was, sometimes she could not hide the anger in her heart.

She originally thought that Rong Yu would not attend the birthday banquet this time.

She did not expect Rong Yu to change his mind at the last minute and actually come.

If she knew that Rong Yu would come, she would definitely come up with an excuse not to come.

At most, she would explain it to her aunt and coax him.

How could she be laughed at like this!

But even if she was laughed at, she could not lose face at this moment.

She had to endure it.

“There are some things that are not as simple as you all think.

We are all from big families.

We should know that there are some things… Hehe.”

Luo Qingyan laughed coldly and looked at Rong Yus special zone with disdain.

The words that she wanted to say and the disdainful look in her eyes were clearly not aimed at Rong Yu, but at Gu Qingchen.

Socialites were all from big families, so they naturally knew some of the complicated and chaotic internal affairs.

Now that they were being guided by Luo Qingyan, they really thought too much.

They all looked at Rong Yus special zone, thinking of various possible factors.

That Gu Qingchen was indeed unknown, and not the daughter of a big family.

It was indeed suspicious that she suddenly became Rong Yus wife.

In addition, Luo Qingyans words had misled them, which really made them misunderstand.

“In other words… Theres actually something else going on”The socialite asked tentatively.

Luo Qingyans sullen and indignant expression, as well as the hesitant look on her face, made people feel that perhaps their guess was right.

Could it be that Gu Qingchen used some means to snatch young master rong from Luo Qingyans hands

“Do you think… Our Luo family needs to spread such rumors in city y”

Luo Qingyan did not directly answer the socialites question, but such an answer was enough to make people misunderstand that Gu Qingchen had used some kind of method to snatch Rong Yu away.

At this moment, the taunts of the socialites towards Luo Qingyan gradually turned towards Gu Qingchen.

Gu Qingchen did not have any family background to begin with.

She did not come from a socialite circle, but she was able to get the position of Rong Yus wife, which was enough to make people envious and jealous.

Now, coupled with Luo Qingyans vague words.., it pushed Gu Qingchen to the cusp of the storm.

“It seems that… This Gu Qingchen from an unknown background looks pure and innocent, but in fact, she is very capable.”

The socialitesvoices were filled with cadence.

It was obvious that they had already shifted their target of attack to Gu Qingchen.

“Nonsense!”Just as everyone was discussing, a female voice was heard.

The socialites looked back and their expressions changed slightly.

The person who came was none other than the Princess of the Tang Group, Tang Yue.

Compared to the princess, Tang Yue, they could not really be called socialites.

At most, they could only hold their own in city y.

“So its Miss Tang from the Tang Group.”Although the socialites were speaking ill of others behind their backs and Tang Yue happened to hear them, she still had to give them a basic greeting.

Tang Yue was not like those nosy young ladies.

She was quite outgoing, but when she heard these people talking about Gu Qingchen, she naturally looked unhappy.

Although Luo Qingyan and the Tang family were not as close as the Rong family, they were still somewhat familiar with each other.

Luo Qingyan had always had a noble and open-minded image.

Now that she saw Tang Yue, she naturally had to pretend.

“Sister Yue, so you and young master Tang are here to celebrate my aunts birthday too.”

This sentence was obviously trying to get close to her.

However, Tang Yue frowned slightly and said, “We were born in the same year.

Youre only a few days older than me.

Moreover, my mother did not give birth to an older sister for me.

Its better for you not to call me Miss Luo so that others will not misunderstand.”


Tang Yue was not stupid.

It was clearly Luo Qingyan who had said a few unclear words just now to mislead those socialites.

In the past, she had also thought that Luo Qingyan was a good person.

She was Magnanimous and magnanimous.

However, it seemed that this was not the case now.

Luo Qingyans smile stiffened.

She did not expect that Tang Yue would not give her face and make her feel embarrassed.

“Miss Tang sure knows how to joke.

If you dont call me sister, then dont call me sister.

Little girls dont like to be called sister.

Youre just like my cousin.”

Luo Qingyan easily resolved the awkwardness of this matter.

She made it sound like Tang Yue was young and immature, which was why she was like this.

She completely treated Tang Yue as a child.

Tang Yue was not very good at arguing with these socialites.

For a moment, she really could not find any words to reply to Luo Qingyan.

So, she simply did not reply.

She only said, “You guys, Im afraid its inappropriate for you to talk about others behind their backs, right What are the qualities of the socialites in city y only like this”

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