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Han Qingsong just wanted to make a set of furniture for Lin Lan— one that consisted of a set of desks and stools, two suitcases,  a larger chest and a wardrobe.

If he was able to get more wood, he would make a few more cabinets or something of the sort.


It required a lot of wood.


Fortunately, he had a job and he could get a  fixed salary every month, so paying the carpenter’s expenses was not a problem.


Generally, when people in the village make furniture, they would ask the carpenters in their own village to make it.

The alternative was asking them to have dinner at their place and giving them some payment, or sending the materials over to make them craft it.


Han Qingsong found out that the carpenters in this village were only average in craftsmanship.

A few years ago, the carpenters who came to him for chores said they had their items already falling apart at the seams.

Otherwise, the skilled carpenters were already incapable of standing on their own two feet.


He first went to the team to find the Captain and used the locust tree with a thick waist from the branch to exchange for the dried locust wood from the team.

In addition, he exchanged a few pieces of ready-made wood from elm, catalpa, poplar and sycamore for boards regardless of tree species.


The wood used for furniture could not be freshly cut trees and it must be dried in the shade for a year or two.

Otherwise, the furniture would be damaged.


After changing the wood, he was not in a hurry to take it home and he left it with the Brigade first.

Everyone knows that the pile of wood belonged to him, so no one was daring enough to take it.


The four thieves had their feet and arms drooping, the experience still remaining fresh in their memory.

After all that’s happened, who would dare to attack the Director’s house again


Han Qingyun knew that he exchanged wood for plans to build some more furniture, so he enthusiastically gave him advice, “Third brother, let me tell you, don’t ask the Grasshopper Leg to do the carpenting.

His work is too bad and my eldest brother’s furniture is all in shambles; my sister-in-law keeps complaining about it.

You can find Carpenter Wang from Wanghetun in the south.

His crafts are the real deal because the furniture at my second brother’s place hasn’t changed even in the slightest.”


Grasshopper Leg was the nickname of the carpenter in this village.

He liked to have wine without any accompanying food besides grasshoppers.

One grasshopper leg is enough for him to have a drink, hence, his nickname was derived from his habits.


Han Qingsong had also understood this fact before, noting that what he planned was about the same as what Han Qingyun was suggesting, “Okay.”


Han Qingyun asked him what he was planning to carve and Han Qingsong answered, “The full set.”


Han Qingyun looked at him in surprise, “A full set Third brother, you can’t fit that many things inside the house.”


Han Qingsong thought about it seriously, “Mm, seems like I’ll need to build a new house.”


Han Qingyun, “…Third brother.”


This third brother was surely confident; he could talk about building a new house casually.

As expected, he had the ability to slaughter enemies on the battlefield, but he also had the power to spoil his wife— this is the epitome of being a true man!


It was no wonder that Han Qingyun was surprised.

At this time, building a house in the countryside was a bigger matter than marrying a wife and having a son.

It was actually considered the most difficult thing to happen for a family living in the countryside.


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