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 Chapter 38.

The Wanderer

 Who is a wanderer


    There is a group of people who, in a chaotic world, do not support and help each other, but hide in the crowd, wait for the opportunity, wait for the opportunity, and strike at their own people at any time.


    They are the spurned 'wanderers', and will not be accepted by the base, and will even be driven out after being proved by several survivors.


    The existence of this group of homeless people is the last straw in the apocalypse.


    When disaster is imminent, a group of people who do not want to help each other and share the difficulties, but take advantage of the fire and loot.


    Groups like Boss Cao are called wanderers.


    Like ordinary survivor teams, they will collect materials, the only difference is that they will attack other people to snatch materials, and even kill people.


    And this group of people is also a problem in the defense line.

After all, they have no sense of morality.

In a relatively stable defense line, they are a group of fire from time to time, but it is difficult to distinguish them from the survivors.

At most, they can only rely on people testify.


    But since there is no suspicion of guilt, unless there is sufficient evidence or witnesses to prove their guilt is conclusive, the base will not drive people out.


    Survivors and wanderers are two opposite groups.


    Just like the butcher in the list provided by Xiao Xiao, he is a wanderer, but it just happens that he has enough abilities to establish a base.


    But when the villain comes to power, the so-called Nanmu base can no longer be called a base.

There is no humanity at all under the rule of such villains, and many ordinary people have no chance to come out after being deceived into the base.


    Wanderers are hard to tell apart before a base is established, unless a certain number of victims in the same district survive.


    But without exception, they are all tough characters.


    Not far from the ruined building, two men were talking in a dilapidated supermarket.


    "Ghost snake, we will just let them go" A thin man with dark eyes stared at the crowd in the center of the square and asked his companions.


    "Otherwise I just looked at it with binoculars.

The power user team should be the country's secret weapon.

It's too exaggerated."


    The one called Ghost snake by his companions is a white-faced scholar with glasses, who looks like a humanoid.

Such a middle-aged man.


    "You didn't see it Those zombie corpses are like a wall surrounding the collapsed building, with a radius of about 500 meters, a very complete circle." Speaking of this, he shuddered, the picture really was chilling.


    "Also, that seems to be the one who got it with supernatural power.

This kind of firepower is not something we can provoke."


    "It's a big deal.

I heard that the guy doesn't seem to want to follow him back, should we..." As he spoke, he touched his throat with his hands.


    "...Wait for the boss, I feel that things are not so simple, such a long distance, can such a large team really survive safely"


    'What did he do before ' the Ghost snake thought.


    "My guess is that someone is most likely to answer.

I don't think the boss can succeed this time." Ghost Snake is like the brain of this snake cave, and all the robberies since he joined are his own.


    "Hey! If they all leave, where are we going to find food" Yan She said very distressed.

After all, they usually rob people and seldom collect those scattered materials.

Now the survivors in the entire Z city are all gone, what do they eat


    "You're stupid!" The Snake is also very desperate for the stupid people in their snake cave, but they are helpless, and the snake cave needs him.


    "It's true that people are gone, but everything is left! Anyway, so many zombies have been cleared, and then Z City will be our paradise!" The terrifying means of the other party, will die inexplicably like a corpse group.


    However, what they didn't know was that Xiao Xiao never intended to keep them alive.

She had already used her mental power to target these black sheep.


    Just now Xiao Xiao knew after Chen Wei's answer that the only group of wanderers in the vicinity was this 'snake cave'.


    Wanderers are not without risks, and there are also many power users among the survivors.

If they grab the wrong person, they will be directly killed by backhand, so this infamous gang is left in Z City.


    And what can be called the wanderers group are the people who have committed crimes several times in a row but still live very well.


    Xiao Xiao noticed that when the Snake and the Ghost snake mentioned the boss when they were talking, they were all staring at the crowd who were about to get into the car.

There was only one possibility for this situation, that the boss was among the survivors, get ready to do something!


    But there are more than 2,000 people at the scene, Xiao Xiao can't screen them one by one, anyway, when the time comes, whoever makes a small move will know who it is.


    After Xiao Xiao arranged all the teams, everyone got on the bus in turn.

Xiao Xiao had been waiting for the so-called boss to appear.


    But until everyone got in the car and even the team was about to start, nothing happened.


    Even Xiao Xiao's mental power swept through without any abnormality.


    'Can't find ' At this time, the system prompted Xiao Xiao.

'In the third car, a man in a black jacket and gold-rimmed glasses was seated next to the door.

He is a second-tier psychic.



    'Second tier' Xiao Xiao felt very surprised when she heard it.

'It's only been less than two weeks '


    However, the movement did not slow down.

Xiao Xiao immediately started to attack after knowing the person, and directly invaded the opponent's mental power to attack.


    Pan She is very nervous now.

He originally wanted to secretly cause a riot in the car crowd and take the opportunity to hijack the car, but as soon as he got in the car, his mental strength kept warning him, so that he didn't dare to act rashly, and sat down obediently.


    Pan She is the leader of the Snake Cave.

Before being wanted, he was a high school dropout who was bullied.

Until a certain time when he couldn't bear it, his temperament changed drastically and he secretly set fire to the home of one of his classmates who bullied him in the middle of the night.


    As a result, the fire was so intense that none of them escaped, resulting in a total of six deaths, including the classmate.


    Due to the heavy casualties in this case, after reviewing the video, the police followed the line to arrest the person, but he began to flee before he was caught, wandering among the gangsters, evading the interrogation many times.


    Familiar routine That's right, what seems to be the same as Xiao Xiao's experience is that he was bullied and then awakened.

The only difference is that he was not caught, and he even embarked on the road of no return.


    Gradually, he discovered that he could manipulate some gangsters, so he slowly became the head of the hall, and he got the nickname of Pan Snake.


    It wasn't until after the apocalyptic catastrophe a dozen days ago that he directly brought the supernatural power user, the Snake, and some of the gangsters under his hands who had not turned into zombies to form this snake cave, and he continued to do evil among the survivors.


    This time, he also saw a batch of fat sheep, ready to go into battle in person, but he didn't expect to kick the iron plate.


    Just when Pan She waited until the car was about to start, he suddenly felt that it would be good to follow him back to the defense line, at least under his ability, it might have been more moisturizing.


    Pan Snake, who was still dreaming a beautiful dream, suddenly became an idiot in preparation for a wave of mental attacks from Xiao Xiao.


    Remember that conversion


    Level 2, Pan Snake's mental power is only about 6 degrees now, Xiao Xiao is approaching 3000 degrees, and the difference of 500 times will teach you how to be a man in minutes!


    What When did Xiao Xiao have a mental ability of nearly 3000 degrees


    That's because, since Xiao Xiao chose the adult-grade systematic training for the first time, she has been obediently choosing the infant-grade difficulty, which has steadily increased every day.


    Although she has always had some opinions on the grading name of the toddler level, the system has no plans to change the name at all.


    'Nice, nice attack.

' The system affirmed that this is the first time Xiao Xiao has used mental power to attack humans directly in the field, not the way she killed zombies before.


    'His mental power is almost empty.

If you are interested, you can use him as a puppet, and I can help you transform it.



    The system suddenly gave a bizarre suggestion, in every way.


    'Puppet 'Xiao Xiao was stunned, is there such an operation


    'Right! ' The system replied: 'If you want to enter the defense line in the future, having a knight should be a good choice.



    Xiao Xiao thought about it, although it was a little uncomfortable for Pan She's body to be a scum, he could only comfort himself, the waste can be reused!


    In fact, this is because she still doesn't know what the system's so-called knight is.


    This Kui golem is actually an object in the system, but the system does not intend to let Xiao Xiao know about it now, so it provides Kui golem to Xiao Xiao under the guise of Pan She.


    'This can work! ' Xiao Xiao replied to the system: 'But how do I carry it '


    'When I finish the renovation, I can carry it with space.



    'Space ' When Xiao Xiao heard it, her eyes light up.

'Can I go in too '


    However, the system said ruthlessly: 'No, it is impossible for you to come in now.



    Anyway, the system will let Xiao Xiao put the Snake to sleep now, and he will be remodeled along the way, and a new identity will be available when he returns to the defense line.


    New identity


    Yes, a new identity.


    Because the defense line already has a certain process, you must stop and observe when entering and exiting the whistle, so as to avoid someone sneaking through the barrier after being bitten, resulting in internal chaos.


    Although Xiao Xiao can use her mental power to deceive the past, but if one doesn't get it right, he can't play, just get a vest number and go online once and for all.


    According to the system, the range of this golem can be as far as three kilometers, which means that Xiao Xiao can control the golem even if she hides outside the city, but if she wants to enter the defense line, she cannot.


    'So if you really want to get that information, you still have to do it.' The system sneered mercilessly.


    Who made Xiao Xiao not want to see Gu Chen now Originally, she wanted to talk about using the name of subordinates to approach Gu Chen, but she didn't expect this trick to be seen through by the system, and there was an all-round ridicule.


    'There is always a way!' While the system was talking to Xiao Xiao, the team set off.


    Of course, before going on the road, Xiao Xiao didn't forget to let the Ghost snake, the Snake, and the other little brothers from the snake cave also go on the road, but they were on Huangquan Road!


    Don't think that Xiao Xiao's intention to kill is too heavy, as the so-called killing is to protect life, killing business is not killing people!


    Keeping them will only make more people suffer, so it's better to reincarnate earlier!


    Xiao Xiao hangs far behind the convoy.

Anyway, no matter how long the convoy is, it is still within the range of her mental power.

She still has time to deal with external threats.


    However, it turns out that Xiao Xiao's previous idea was right.


    Since Xiao Xiao had cleared it up not long ago, even the zombies did not appear at all.


    The journey was calm and peaceful.

For fear of the mutant beasts appearing and attacking the convoy, Xiao Xiao arranged for a car with three drivers to drive in turns, stopping every eight hours to rest for half an hour, day and night.


    Fortunately, the cars Xiao Xiao picked were all fully functional, so the environment was okay.


    As for pee


    In order to prevent this situation, in addition to the driver eating well, Xiao Xiao selected food and water that would allow the body to move at a minimum, and excretion would not be too frequent.


    Even if you need it, every eight hours is enough.


    Anyway, when everyone was in a state of trepidation, the fourteenth day of the apocalypse, the fifth day after they left City Z, came to the end.


    Since the mountain road they took was not on the route of the rescue team, they did not encounter the rescue team along the way.


    Xiao Xiao saw that it was finally here, so let it go.

Don't forget that there are two sleeping twins in the car.

If she can successfully pass the barrier, that does not mean that they are OK.

This is also the system's reasonto get a puppet for Xiao Xiao.


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