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Chapter 24: Bad News (2) Original translation is from tenderflower's blog.

Seeing her angry, Xiao Lang smiled instead, got up and sat next to her, grabbed one of her hands to check the injury, and said casually, “Ah Lan, don’t play with that Yuanbao in the future, look, he hurt you, does it still hurt” If it wasn’t for the ointment on the wound, Xiao Lang almost couldn’t help but want to lick it for her.

Shu Lan pouted and turned her head to the other side: “I just like to play with Brother Yuanbao, you don’t need to worry about it!” Her injury was picked by the rabbit because she was disobedient.

What did it have to do with Brother Yuanbao Besides, Brother Yuanbao also promised to get her a talking parrot.

Xiao Lang resisted to death so that he couldn’t squeeze Shu Lan.

He gritted his teeth and asked: “He’s so fat, what’s so fun”

Shu Lan rolled her eyes at him.

Whether it was fun or not, it had nothing to do with being fat or thin, so she didn’t want to answer him, but she caught sight of Xiao Lang’s tightly pursed lips.

SHe was afraid he would be angry and she suffered so she hummed: “Brother Yuanbao is good to me.

He took me to eat delicious food, bought me interesting things, and would not bully me from time to time.

The rabbit picked me and he would teach the rabbit for me.

He was so kind to me, I don’t play with him, who do I play with!” At the critical moment, she wasn’t stupid and didn’t tell the story that he was fierce to her to Zhu Yuanbao again.

Xiao Lang suddenly remembered Xiao Shouwang’s words that if you like someone you must be nice to her.

Although he didn’t like the lazy girl, it seemed like she would go home willingly only if he was good to her.

Pursing his lips, Xiao Lang glanced at Shu Lan unnaturally, lowered his eyes, and said: “As long as you go back with me, I won’t bully you in the future.” He really wouldn’t hurt her anymore because he found a more satisfying way.

Xiao Lang’s words, no matter how serious he said, Shu Lan would no longer believe them.

“You don’t have to lie.

I remember what you said.

You said you wanted to fatten me up and eat me when my flesh was strong! Humph, you bit my tongue just now, so the devil believed you!” It must be that her meat wasn’t tasty enough, so he didn’t bite down hard.

Shu Lan thought with fear.

If she went home, Xiao Lang could easily take her to the mountains and secretly eat her, no one would know.

Xiao Lang was so angry he pinched Shu Lan hard.

It was rare for him to say soft words, but she didn’t believe it!

Her arm hurt so badly.

Shu Lan raised her head and glared at Xiao Lang: Look, he said he won’t bully me, but now he can’t bear it any longer!

If it weren’t for the Qin family, Xiao Lang would eat and wipe Shu Lan desperately only because of Shu Lan’s provocative attitude now!

Just as he was about to teach her another lesson, Xiao Lang suddenly heard the sound of walking in the yard.

Xiao Lang’s eyes flashed.

He quickly pulled the distance between the two of them, and threatened in a low voice: “If you tell them what happened just now, even if you don’t go home, I will also come to eat you in the middle of the night, if you don’t believe me, try it!”

Shu Lan grimaced at him proudly and trotted out to see them.

Xiao Lang looked at her back and sneered.

Let her be proud for a while.

After lunch, Shu Wan proposed to take her away and see what she would do!

It was a pity that Zhu Yuanbao and he seemed to be against each other from birth.

After lunch, before Shu Wan proposed to take Shu Lan home, Zhu Yuanbao ran in excitedly.

He was holding a blue birdcage in his hand, held it directly in front of Shu Lan, and said loudly: “Ah Lan, look, this is a new gift from Old Man Zhang.

Many people were rushing to buy it, but I grabbed it.

How about it, isn’t it beautiful” Indeed, many people grabbed it, but in the end, it was thanks to the Qin family that sent a servant to follow him, or else with 50 taels of silver on him, he could only buy a small ordinary parrot.

Shu Lan stood up almost as soon as Zhu Yuanbao ran in, staring straight at the bird in the cage with big eyes.

It was a snow-white parrot.

Only a cluster of beautiful feathers under the neck and on the top of the head was tender yellow.

What’s more lovely was that there was a small circle of red feathers under the inclined eyes of the parrot.

She didn’t know if it was this color or was lit later.

At a glance, Shu Lan fell in love with this beautiful bird.

“Ah Lan is so cute! Ah Lan is so cute!”

Just when she wanted to ask Zhu Yuanbao how to get the parrot to speak, the parrot’s small head turned around, flapped its wings, and shouted suddenly.

The voice was a little hoarse, but the words were clear and audible.

Shu Lan was stunned, and then she was so happy that she didn’t know what to do.

She looked at Zhu Yuanbao for a while, the old madam and Shu Wan for a while, and finally looked at the parrot and giggled.

The laughter was crisp and simple.

She didn’t know how many times it was better than the parrot’s voice.

Zhu Yuanbao suddenly thought he didn’t run in vain just now and looked stupidly at Shu Lan, who was laughing with squinting eyes.

He found out that the longer he spent time with this girl, the more beautiful she was.

Xiao Lang sat next to Shu Wan and looked at the two standing together coldly.

The chill in his eyes almost condensed into a blade.

It could fly out and stab Zhu Yuanbao at any time.

Suddenly, a blue-clothed maid hurried in.

When she entered the door, she shouted: “Old madam, it’s not good.

Just now the son-in-law sent someone to send a message that someone found a pack of wolves in the mountains, and when they escaped, they picked up a bow engraved with the name of Second Master Xiao.

The son-in-law is worried that something happened to Second Master Xiao, so he wants Miss Shu Wan and Young Master Xiao Lang to go back quickly!”



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