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When she returned to Lianhua Village, Cao Simei had already eaten and taken a nap.

Seeing Li Hehua's return, she quickly dragged her into the kitchen, "Da meizi, why did you come back so late Are you hungry I've left you some food, come and eat quickly."

Li Hehua was really hungry before, but she doesn't feel it anymore.

She was too hungry that she didn't want to eat.

(TN: Apparently, she already lost her appetite after ignoring her starving belly for so long.

"Nalipasan na ng gutom" in my country.)

Seeing that she didn't want to eat, Cao Simei  disagreed.

"How can you not eat People can't stop eating ah."

Li Hehua smiled with self-deprecation, "Da jie, just take a look at my figure.

I have to eat less so I can lose weight."

Cao Simei looked at her figure and was about to nagged about being fat is not a reason for not eating, when she realized that something's wrong.

"Da meizi, you seems to have lost some weight!"

Li Hehua was surprised, "Really" Looking at herself, she's still full of meat (fat).

Cao Simei took and closer look and nodded firmly, "It's true, you have lost some weight.

I remember you wearing the same clothes when you first came here in the village.

At that time, you were so full that they can barely hold you.

Well, to be honest, when I saw you at first, I was thinking that this woman was too fat, it's good that her clothes didn't collapse.

Looking at you now however, your clothes are loose, they are loose a lot."

Without Cao Simei's reminder, Li Hehua might not even notice.

She didn't weigh herself and she couldn't measure herself  every day, so she doesn't know whether she already lose some weight or not.

In addition, she was too busy in making money that she didn't pay too much attention with it.

Just like what Cao Simei said, Li Hehua realized that it was indeed the case.

The coat that she is wearing is not tight now.

It was a lot looser, and the pants were also not as tight when she first came.

She's really losing weight

Li Hehua was pleasantly surprised.

It seems like her weight loss is effective, everything is not in vain! Although she's still very fat, she's already losing weight.

As long as she persists, she believes that her devilish figure from previous life will return in no time.

Li Hehua suddenly felt energized.

Seeing Li Hehua so happy, Cao Simei was also happy for her.

"Da meizi, you are good looking, the only drawback is that you are fat.

If you can continue to lose weight, there must be a lot of men chasing after you and rushing to marry you."

Li Hehua laughed, "Da jie, you are exaggerating.

No one will marry me." And she didn't want to get married.

As an abandoned (divorced) woman in this era, she knew that she would be look down upon by others.

If someone will marry her, it is either a widower or the quality is not that good.* Why marry It's better to make more money, spend it for herself and be happy.

(Tn: *with bad personality i guess)

Of course, she definitely wouldn't tell these words to Cao Simei, because she probably couldn't understand her thoughts.*

(Tn: b'coz of diff.

views as they are from diff.


Cao Simei couldn't really guess Li Hehua's thought of being a single and said, "Why (do you think) no one will marry (you) Don't worry, your da jie will keep an eye for you and let you choose."

Li Hehua didn't care either.

She responded perfunctory and turned around to eat.

After the meal, Cao Simei asked her not to rush (on leaving) and pulled her to the table to sat down.

She took out the money she made today.

"Da meizi, I made a lot more today than yesterday.

I almost couldn't carry it in my pocket." As she said that, she took out a lot of cooper coins and put them on the table, making a loud noise.

"I only focused on selling the pastries and had no time counting it.

I'll count it now.

Come and help me count it too da meizi." Cao Simei said as she tooks out all the cooper coins.

Li Hehua nodded and began counting half of the money on the table.

Her side has ninety-eight (98) yuan.

Cao Simei's were also counted with a total of a hundred and two (102) yuan.

Adding both sides, it is exactly two hundred (200) yuan.

Cao Simei's eyes widened in surprise.

"Da meizi, I earned two hundred yuan today."

Li Hehua smiled and calculated the number of pastries that Cao Simei today.

She reached out and handed her twenty-five (25) yuan.

"Da jie, this is your part for today."

(Tn: 200 ÷ 2 = 100.

100 ÷ 4 = 25.

Every 4 pastries sold by our fourth sister Cao is equivalent to 1 yuan if  you remember their deal.

Since a pastry is 2 yuan per piece, with the earnings of 200 yuan, the pastries sold are a 100 pieces which upon dividing into 4 is 25. Ignore this if you hate math! Ha!)

Cao Simei held the twenty-five yuan with her eyes glowing.

That's twenty-five yuan.

It took only half a day to earn twenty-five yuan, which is more than what a strong laborer earns for two days.

She can't believe it.

Li Hehua raised the corner of his mouth, put away the money on the table.

She then took out the money she earned today and counted it.

Excluding the money for buying materials, she made a total of one hundred and fifty (150) yuan.

In other words, today's net profit is three hundred and twenty-five (325) yuan.

Li Hehua felt that she made a lot of money today.

But upon remembering the amount neede to buy a yard, she felt that it was too little.

It seems like she still needs to work hard.

She patted Cao Simei's hand, "Okay da jie, let's make pastries.

We will earn so much everyday from now on."

Cao Simei recovered and got up energetically.

Yes, yes, let's make pastries and continue to sell them tomorrow.

While Li Hehua and Cao Simei were in the kitchen were busy making pastries, Daya suddenly ran in, "Aunt Li, someone is looking for you outside."

Li Hehua was surprised, who would look for her How did you they know that she was here

Seeing Li Hehua's doubts, Daya said, "They seems to be looking for you for a banquet."

When Li Hehua heard this, she quickly took off the apron on her waist and went out.

She saw a middle-aged couple sitting in the main room.

When they saw Li Hehua come in, they immediately stood up, "Chef Li, it turns out that you have changed places (of living).

We made a trip to Shangshui Village, only to find out that you are.

It's been a long search for us."

Li Hehua was puzzled, so they went to Shangshui Village to look for her Who told them that she's here It seems that no one knows that she currently lives at Sister Cao's house.

However, before Li Hehua can have a chance to think carefully, the couple talked about their intentions and was immediately drawn to this.


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