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The goose feather-like snow fell from the sky, unhurriedly between the blood-red plum branches. 

In the deepest part of the snowfield, there was a man kneeling.

With no strength in his body, he leaned down weakly, but his arms were slightly raised in a strange manner.  When one got closer, one could see that there were two silver threads shining with cold light falling from the ten thousand-foot-high mountain wall, and piercing through the most vulnerable part of the man’s wrist.  As long as he moved a little bit, he would feel a deep-rooted piercing pain. 

 Li Fuyue was known to everyone in the cultivation world.

He had once touched the heavenly dao with his hands, and the sky clearing moonlight was admired by everyone.

Five years ago, it was unclear why he suddenly went into demonization and disturbed the world’s peace.  

It was only just a few days ago, the combined powers of the Three Realms finally subdued him here.  

The wind and snow were getting stronger, and the man’s originally clear consciousness gradually became blurred.  

In a trance, Li Fuyue actually saw a familiar white shadow appear not far away, “Fuyue, come over to Master.” The man stood under the plum branch, smiling and stretching out his hand to himself.  

“Master…..Master, I’m here!” Li Fuyue wanted to get up, but in the next moment, his body was pulled back by the silver chain.  

The wound opened again, and blood flowed down his wrist.

Li Fuyue had never been in such a sorry state in his entire life, but he didn’t care.  Li Fuyue’s mind was full of thoughts of his Master saying that he would never leave him.

Sure enough, his Master has now come to save him. 

 Li Fuyue’s voice was trembling, his upper and lower teeth were constantly bumping and his whole body’s strength could only make intermittent sounds.  

He didn’t know how many times he called out to his Master, until finally, his voice was completely hoarse and he couldn’t say a single word.  But the snow field was still quiet, and the person Li Fuyue thought of did not come. 

 It was also at this time that the white shadow suddenly dissipated, and Li Fuyue finally saw that there was nothing there except the blooming misty plum flowers.  

It turned out that those were just illusions born from Li Fuyue.  

In the end, Master had broken his promise.  

He had been in the upper realm for many years, so he may have long forgotten himself.  

The snowfield became quiet, and after an unknown amount of time, a faint sound of a bell suddenly came from the mountains in the distance, and the silver chain on Li Fuyue’s wrist also lightened.  

“The Fushen Array has finally been set up.” Li Fuyue laughed when he heard the bell tolling his imminent death.  

Everyone in the cultivation world had really found a good core for the Fushen Array.

Yaozheng Bell, its owner was Li Fuyue’s Master who had ascended for many years.  

On the bell, there was the spiritual consciousness left by Master before his ascension.

Only with his consent can the group of cultivators use Yaozheng bell as the core.

It turns out that it wasn’t the case that Master didn’t remember him, he just wanted his soul to dissipate like everyone else in the cultivation world.


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